Nighttime & Waking Care

Night care in and around Coventry

We can help you or your loved one feel safe and secure with full nighttime care.

Professional Sleep-in and Waking Care Services

Jalloh Cares Ltd offers personalised night care solutions for those who need assistance or support throughout the night. Depending on your requirements, whether you need the carer to be awake the whole night, to be on-call whenever needed or to be well-informed and experienced in handling patients dealing with certain conditions, we offer waking, sleep-in and specialist night care services.

We are an experienced and qualified team and understand how each individual's care requirements are unique. Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 07448 567 613 to enquire about our services. We also offer daytime and a few additional care services. Our services are available in Coventry, Pailton, Shilton, Allesley and the surrounding areas, including Keresley, Longford, Bedworth and Holbrooks.
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Night sitting and respite care

We provide short-term respite care for carers who are looking after a family member or loved one and need some time off from their responsibilities. A professional live-in carer will take over your day or night's routine, giving you some personal time to rest and recharge.
old woman and her carer
young boy comforting an old woman

We offer different forms of night care

  • Sleep-in care
  • Waking care
  • Specialist night care
  • Night sitting
  • Live-in respite care

Allesley • Coventry • Bedworth • Keresley • Longford • Pailton • Holbrooks • Shilton  

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Jalloh Cares Ltd provides nighttime and waking care services in and around the Coventry area. Call us on 
024 7798 9311 or 07448 567 613
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