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Daytime care and assisted living in and around the Coventry area

For information about our services or hourly rates, please feel free to call us on 07448 567 613.

Visiting Home Care

Jalloh Cares Ltd offers daytime care services to help elderly people live independently in their own home. We offer tailored services where you or your loved one's personal, medical or housekeeping requirements are taken care of by a professional visiting carer. Based on your individual needs, we provide assisted living services in hourly blocks. You can also contact us for night and additional care services.

Within our daytime care we include palliative care and waking services. Our assisted living services are design to look after you the way you want. Our home carers will look after your personal hygiene, cook your meals, run your errands, take care of all your domestic chores. We will escort you to places you want to go: this includes shops, hospital and doctors's appointments and socialising. The daytime care service includes a companionship service whereby our carers will sit with you and encourage you to do activities that are of interest to you. Jalloh Private Care is very proud of the daytime care service it runs in Coventry and surrounding areas.

Care packages start at just £10/ half hour and £15/hr. To book an appointment call us on 0744 856 76 13/02477 8567613

We are a professional agency that offers services across Coventry, Pailton, Shilton, Allesley and the surrounding areas, including Longford, Bedworth and Holbrooks.
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Visiting hours that suit your needs

At Jalloh Cares Ltd, we understand that daycare and assisted living needs are different for each individual. The focus of our service is to ensure that you are receiving the amount of help you require. Some may require multiple help visits through the day and there may be those who need just an hour's help every day. Whatever your requirements are, we'll be happy to provide the personalised care you need. During our visits, we can help you with a range of services; whatever you need to enjoy a healthy and comfortable lifestyle.
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Our hourly care benefits include:

  • Getting clients up out of bed
  • Personal care (bathing, showering, toilet assistance and shaving for men)
  • Meal preparation
  • Simply keeping someone company
  • Helping clients keep their sense of independence 
  • Helping couples to remain together in their own home for as long as possible

Allesley • Coventry • Bedworth • Keresley • Longford • Pailton • Holbrooks • Shilton  

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Jalloh Cares Ltd provides professional and friendly daytime care and assisted living services in and around Coventry.
To talk to an experienced carer, call us on 
024 7798 9311 or 07448 567 613
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