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Live-in and visiting carer jobs in Coventry with Jalloh Cares Ltd

Are you someone who is passionate about helping people? Does making a difference in someone else's life, however small, sound like a meaningful way to live your life? If your answer to both the questions was an enthusiastic yes, then the job of a professional carer at Jalloh Private Care sounds just right for you. Click HERE to read our job description.

Click HERE to fill out our application form. You can either fill the form out and submit it in an email, or you can print, complete and post to us, and we will respond to your application as soon as possible
If your application is successful, we will match you with a client who we feel can benefit from your skills based on your interests and experience. You'll have the opportunity to interact with your client at a personal level and form a healthy professional bond based on patience, kindness and mutual respect. Our team of experienced carers will provide you with support and guidance at every step of the way.

We serve in and around Coventry, including Keresley, Bedworth, Longford and Holbrooks.
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Become a professional live-in or visiting carer in or around the Coventry area.
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