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Convalescent and elderly care in and around Coventry

An experienced provider will be happy to help you with your personal and healthcare needs.

Professional convalescent and senior care

Jalloh Cares Ltd is an assisted living agency that offers personalised night and daytime care services. Our focus is the needs and comfort of our clients and we are happy to provide tailored care services that meet your individual requirements. We also offer respite care for those who are taking care of a family member or loved one at home. Call us today on 07448 567 613 to discuss your individual requirements and arrange a suitable visiting schedule.

We serve Keresley, Longford, Bedworth, Holbrooks, Pailton, Shilton and Allesley and the surrounding areas.
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Improve the quality of your life

Jalloh Cares Ltd is here to make your life better and more comfortable. Our services are not limited to general care solutions but are focused on giving you or your loved one the required amount of help, care and attention. From daily care and house chores to medical care, we are here to offer personalised services.
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Additional care services we offer:

  • Taking clients to hospital appointments
  • Domestic support 
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning
  • Cooking
  • Taking clients to hair or other grooming appointments
  • Running errands
  • Companionship
  • Medicinal care and prescription collecting
  • All aspects of personal care
  • Visiting friends and family, shopping trips, other social 
  • Night and day relief sitting service
  • Take home and settle service
  • Home from hospital support for extended periods

Allesley • Coventry • Bedworth • Keresley • Longford • Pailton • Holbrooks • Shilton  

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Put your trust in Jalloh Cares Ltd for convalescent and elderly care in and around Coventry,  Call us on 024 7798 9311 or 07448 567 613
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